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Ruby Massage
5227 Ballard Ave NW
Suite 1
Seattle, WA 98107


The Ruby Signature Massage
Do you feel a little rough around the edges? The Ruby Signature massage incorporates deep tissue, reflexology, energy work, and Swedish techniques to help you achieve your massage goals. Each massage is specifically tailored to your needs based on your concerns; whether you need to relax, rejuvenate or release stiff and sore muscles, this massage is for you.

30 Minutes...$45
60 Minutes...$75
75 Minutes...$85
90 Minutes...$95

Get Polished!
Body wraps are a great way to vitalize your skin and reveal its softness. Each season, we offer a different wrap or body scrub to combat the effects of the weather on the skin. It could be a sugar scrub to refine the skin or a paraffin wrap to lock in moisture. Please call to find out what the seasonal treatment is.

75 Minutes...$95

The Hot Ruby
Hot stone massage is an amazing way to relax muscles using the power of heat. Jade stones are placed on the body and glide over it to melt tension away and calm the mind.

60 Minutes...$80
75 Minutes...$90
90 Minutes...$100